Free “practice SSAT questions” are all over the Internet; unfortunately, most of them are terrible.

You see, a lot of web site owners know that you’re desperate to find some practice questions–so they just make some up. The problem is that the questions they make up are often very different from real SSAT test questions, so when you practice with the fake questions you end up learning bad habits.

It’s very important that you practice with only real SSAT questions if you want to score as high as you possibly can with a minimal amount of preparation when you actually take the test.

There’s one site on the Internet where you can get free SSAT questions, and that’s the SSAT’s official web site.

Unfortunately, they don’t give you a lot of questions there; to get a larger selection of real SSAT practice questions, you’ll have to buy a book of real test questions directly from the SSAT itself. Kind of annoying, I know, but if you were planning on buying a book of fake questions from some company like Kaplan or Princeton Review, you can skip buying the fake book and just buy a book of real questions from the SSAT themselves.

Here’s the link to order the book of real questions from the SSAT:

If you really want to get a good score, don’t waste your time with fake questions–just use real questions from the real SSAT people.