There are a lot of answers to a question like this, and most of them, unfortunately, are bad.

The general method people use to prepare for a standardized test like the ISEE is to try some practice questions from a book by Kaplan or Princeton Review or some other company like that. They might also take a course from one of those companies.

That’s not the approach I would recommend, though, because those companies tend to teach people to improve their scores on a standardized test the same way that your teachers in school prepare you for a regular test. In other words, they teach you some vocabulary words and some math formulas and then assume that your ISEE score will go up.

In my experience, that’s not a very effective way to prepare, because it doesn’t take into account the fact that the ISEE is different from a regular school test. Most people who miss questions on the ISEE miss them because they don’t understand what the question is asking them to do, not because they don’t know what a word means or they don’t know how to do math.

For this reason, I advise my students to focus on the design of the test, so that they can learn how to use what they already know to answer questions correctly with certainty.

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