I’m Having Trouble Watching Your Videos. What Should I Do?

When a customer or blog visitor has trouble watching a video, by far the most common reason is a temporary slowdown in an Internet connection, or a temporary server overload.

In the majority of these cases, the problem will fix itself if you wait a minute or two, or try closing and reopening your browser window.

If you’re still having trouble (or just want to have the best video-watching experience possible while using the Internet), you can also try these steps:

Get the latest version of Flash, the free software that our video service (and most other video services) depends on. You can update to the latest version here:


If you’re using Internet Explorer to surf the Internet, you might try switching to either FireFox or Chrome:



(Even though many people use it, Internet Explorer can be a bad browser for video.)

One more thing: if you’re connecting to the internet using a 3G or cellular connection, the videos will almost certainly take a little while to load, since that type of connection is always slower.

If you try these fixes and you’re still having trouble watching the videos, please let me know, and we will figure out exactly what’s going on and resolve the problem.