Does Mike Do One-On-One Tutoring? What Are The Rates?

I do offer one-on-one tutoring, both over the phone and in person. The rates are, frankly, quite high in comparison to the rates that other tutors charge, because the results are much better than the results that other tutors get, and because my time is in very high demand.

In the past I only accepted one-on-one clients by word of mouth, but I’m now very happy to open the service to the public. (Please follow this link for test-prep tutoring with Mike Barrett.)

Let me be very clear, though: I don’t teach people any different strategies in the one-on-one sessions than I do in my video courses. The approach to the test is the same. The difference between the two is that the one-on-one sessions happen in real time, and I can tailor my ideas to the student’s needs a bit more quickly and reactively than I can through the forums in the online video courses. Some clients just prefer the more immediate feel of the one-on-one format, that’s all; you can still get the same personalized attention through either approach.