The answer to this question will vary from person to person, but, in general, not much matters apart from your LSAT and GPA.

(Before I go on, let me point out that I totally realize that what I’m saying here contradicts what most admissions people at most schools will tell you. They want you to believe that they only ask for your LSAT and your GPA as a formality. But the fact just don’t bear that out . . .)

The sad truth about the legal profession is that most people involved with it are obsessed with [click to continue…]

When you skip a question on the SSAT, you neither gain points nor lose points.

If you answer a question correctly, then you gain points; if you answer it incorrectly, then you lose one quarter of the points you would have gained for answering the question correctly. But, again, if you leave the question blank, you don’t gain anything or lose anything.

For this reason, most test-prep courses and tutors advise you to [click to continue…]

How Can You Tell Which Is The Experimental Section On The LSAT?

The short answer is that you usually can’t, not when you’re starting to do the experimental section itself. Sometimes there’s something noticeably off about a section, but not usually. The longer answer is that there’s not really an advantage to identifying the experimental section while you’re taking the test, anyway, so there’s no point thinking […]

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How Many Times Can I Take The SSAT?

As far as the SSAT company itself is concerned, you can take the SSAT as many times as you like. Your target school may have its own policies, though–the best thing to do is to contact the school directly and ask what their current policy is on re-taking the SSAT. Most top schools’ web sites […]

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When Should I Start To Prep For The LSAT?

Prepping for the LSAT shouldn’t be nearly as time-consuming as most people make it out to be. If you really pay attention to the bizarre design of the test, you can make significant progress in as little as a day or a weekend, believe it or not. Getting to the point where you’re routinely in […]

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What SSAT Score Does My Ideal School Require?

Every school has different policies when it comes to the SSAT–and, on top of that, the SSAT requirements will differ from year to year, and they’ll also depend on your race, gender, and background. So the short answer is that there’s no real way to know what score your school requires. If you really want […]

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Standardized Testing Changes: What They Look Like

If you’ve been looking around on this site for a while, you know that the whole point of standardized tests is that they’re not constantly changing in any ways that matter. That’s what makes them standardized, and that’s also what makes them beatable. But sometimes, actually, after years or even decades,

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LSAT Changes?

Not Nearly As Often As You Might Think Every community of test-preppers has its own unique and cherished myths. For people applying to college, there’s the myth that the ACT is fundamentally different from the SAT. For people applying to business school, there’s the myth that

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Tests Don’t Change Every Year

(Slapping the current year on a Kaplan prep book is a trick to get you to buy another Kaplan prep book every 12 months) Every once in a while a student will ask me if my methods have been updated for “this year’s test.” They ask this for two reasons:

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SSAT Practice Questions–Where Are They?

Free “practice SSAT questions” are all over the Internet; unfortunately, most of them are terrible. You see, a lot of web site owners know that you’re desperate to find some practice questions–so they just make some up. The problem is that the questions they make up are often very different from real SSAT test questions, […]

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