What Do We Mean By "Now Playing?"

Our slogan is “Higher scores, now playing.” You may be wondering what that means, exactly.
Well, the “higher scores” part is probably self-explanatory: we’re a uniquely effective test-prep company, and we help you get higher scores on your tests.
But what about the “playing?”
“Now playing” was a great turn of phrase dreamed up years ago by one of our students. She said she came up with it for three reasons:
We were one of the first test-prep companies on the Internet to make extensive use of video-based tutorials, so “now playing” can refer to the idea of clicking “play” on our videos.
Unlike most other test-prep companies, we emphasize a “game-based” approach to standardized tests. We teach you to think in terms of the test’s objectives and limitations, and how to exploit them.
Finally, we always try to “play” in the sense of having fun with our students, clients, and even business partners. People relax when they’re playing. They learn better when they’re playing. They have more fun when they’re playing. So we play.

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